英国硕士语言外教Ihsan S

2022年 9月 10日

About Candidate


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently doing the dissertation for my master’s degree in TESOL with a specialism in EAP (to be finished November 12th) and it is now time to look for suitable employment. Recent I was teaching at a summer school and have gained valuable insight into my skill set as a teacher. The students I was teaching were Europeans of ages 11-21 and abilities B1-C2. Teaching these students has allowed me to figure out that I am more suited to teaching learners that are of university age and of intermediate to high proficiency. China is a country that I have a great interest in so this is an opportunity that is perfect for me and one that I know I could be successful at. I understand that my lack of experience would cause concern, but only last summer I graduated with a degree from the university of St Andrews in Arabic and Persian (grade: 16.3/20). Thus I know what it means and what it takes to study language at a high level at a top quality university and my experience learning is interchangeable with my teaching ability and my understanding of pedagogical practice. My current TESOL studies, especially studying secondary language acquisition and language teaching methodology, have allowed me to combine my experience learning languages with my philosophy on teaching them to make me an extremely suitable teacher in the contemporary era of education. With regards to curriculum design, I have studied it at university and believe I have a few good ideas that are a mix of the more modern contemporary method and the older fashioned grammar translation. Whilst I have no real world experience of designing a curriculum I’m not afraid of the responsibility and the thought is actually more exciting to me than anything else. It is my intention to eventually do a PhD in both TESOL and comparative literature but in the mean time I believe it necessary to teach at the level that I plan to teach at for the rest of my career; that level being university level. The difficult part is getting the opportunity and belief from an employer that I am just a suitable, if not more suitable, than someone with experience. I have a real drive to be a success in my teaching career. I want my students to remember me as a teacher of the highest calibre for the rest of their lives, I just need an employer to take a chance on me and believe in my ability. If you need any more information about then please email me , I already have the documents required for a visa ready to go.

Kindest regards,

Ihsan S.



Personal Statement:

An articulate, passionate and success driven TESOL graduate looking for teaching vacancies in the tertiary education sector.. With ten years of running and co-running an independent family business I have built up fantastic customer service abilities and a passion for working with people and have successfully implemented this experience into my teaching philosophy. My experience of working in a small business that relies heavily upon me has also given me the ability to work under constant pressure and to solve problems quickly and efficiently, the international customer base I received has also made me very culturally aware and there is no possibility of me being culture shocked wherever an opportunity abroad presents itself.


Edinburgh College (August 2016-June 2017)

SWAP Access Course to Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Grade – AAA

University of St Andrews (September 2017-June 2021)

MA Arabic & Persian (Undergraduate)

Grade – 2:1

Key Achievement: Dean’s List 2021

University of St Andrews (September 2021-August 2022)

MSc TESOL with Specialism in English for Academic Purposes (Postgraduate)

Grade – TBC

Work Experience:

Manager and Co-Manager

Jordan Valley Wholefoods, 8 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

June 2012-June 2022

Jordan Valley Wholefoods is an independent family-run shop in central Edinburgh. It initially started as Middle Eastern food store but eventually developed into a vegan/vegetarian whole foods shop with an emphasis on selling produce from smaller and more independent food producers and manufacturers. My roles included, but weren’t limited, to; management of stock, paying of bills and suppliers, opening and closing, cashing up and business banking, customer service, strategic business and marketing decisions, dealing with health and safety and hiring staff.

Key Achievements and Ideas:

Changing the shop to a completely vegan/vegetarian due to customer feedback and customer dislike for us selling animal products.

Increasing sales from £400-600 a day when I first started (2012-2013) to £800-1000 a day in 2020 (COVID-19 obviously affected sales greatly).

Creating an online shop and delivery service during the pandemic to help boost really poor sales; this idea brought the shop roughly £5000 over 3 months that we wouldn’t have made otherwise.

TEFL Teacher

St Andrews College Language Schools

Edinburgh and Canterbury

July 2022-Present

This is my first teaching job and it is something I have really enjoyed and believe that I’m quite good at. I taught mainly Italian, Spanish and Greek students between the ages of 11-19 and between the ability levels of B1-C2. The focus in this summer language school is to improve the spoken and written fluency of the students and grammar was only a very small part of lessons. I also was responsible for testing and grading the speaking level of students.

References are available on request.






Ihsan S.







成绩 – AAA



成绩 – 2:1




成绩 – 待定



爱丁堡Nicolson街8号Jordan Valley Wholefoods公司


Jordan Valley Wholefoods是一家位于爱丁堡市中心的独立家庭式商店。它最初是一家中东食品商店,但最终发展成为一家素食/全素食品商店,重点是销售来自更小和更独立的食品生产商和制造商的产品。我的职责包括但不限于:管理库存、支付账单和供应商、开业和关门、兑现和商业银行业务、客户服务、战略性商业和营销决策、处理健康和安全问题以及雇用员工。