2022年 8月 25日

Job Description







1. 每学期为本科生教授英语课程。周课时:16课时(45分钟/课时);

2. 认真完成教学大纲规定的教学和考核任务;

3. 批改作业,回答学生相关问题;

4. 积极参与英语实践第二课堂活动;

5. 遵守教研组的各项规章制度。



1. 热爱高等教育,遵守法律法规,工作严谨,具有良好的职业道德。

2. 55岁以下。

3. 母语或第一语言是英语。

4. 本科及以上学历。

5. 1年以上英语教学工作经验。有TESOL/TEFL证书者优先。



1. 待遇从优,具体面议。

2. 报销每年机票10000元封顶,实报实销。

3. 校内宿舍免房租。


1. 申请材料





2. 申请方式


邮件名: 姓名+国籍+现居地



Dongguan City University (CityU DG) plans to recruit 2 full-time foreign English teachers for teaching work. Details are as follows:

CityU DG is an independent undergraduate-level private higher education institution. With a green campus of 1228 mu (equivalent to 82 hectares), CityU DG boasts its convenient transportation and beautiful landscape of a typical South China Lingnan architecture style near Songshan Lake adjacent to Shenzhen, which provides a conducive environment for teaching and learning experience.

CityU DG consists of 14 academic units and offers 45 undergraduate programs with more than 1,080 faculty and staff members and over 15,000 full-time students. Adhering to the student-oriented principle, CityU DG has put greater efforts into teaching and research innovation, and made remarkable achievements in the areas of program development, whole-person education, and scientific research. Up to now, CityU DG has won a number of teaching excellence awards and over 200 funded research projects. In addition, more than 2,500 awards of disciplinary competition have been granted for our students both at national and provincial levels.

CityU DG cherishes the vision of building a first-class innovative, application-oriented, and internationalized metropolitan university of excellence, seeking to contribute to the development of the Greater Bay Area of China.
Further information about CityU DG can be found online at https://csxy.dgut.edu.cn/.


Job Description

1.Teach English courses for undergraduates.

Weekly class hours: 16 class hours of teaching (45 minutes/class hour);

2.Fulfill teaching and assessment tasks specified in the syllabus conscientiously;

3.Mark homework and answer students’ related questions;

4.Participate actively in the second-classroom activity of English practice;

5.Comply with the rules and regulations of the Teaching and Research Group.


1.Have a passion for higher education, abide by laws and regulations, and work rigorously with good professional ethics;

2.Under 55 years old;

3.The mother tongue or first language is English;

4.Possess a bachelor’s degree or above;

5.At least 1 year of working experience in teaching English. Those who have a TESOL / TEFL certificate are preferred.

Salary and Benefits

1.Salary: The monthly salary is negotiable

2.Reimburse the actual expenses of air tickets (no more than 10,000 yuan/year)

3.Provide an on-campus apartment (rent-free)

4.Reimburse you for Visa / Residence Permit fee

Application Procedure

1.Preparation of application materials

(1)Curriculum vitae

Personal information: age, educational background, work experience, awards and other related information.

(2)Scanned copy of academic degree certificate and academic credentials.

(3)Additional materials (such as thesis, publications, honor certificate, and professional certificate).

2.Submission of application materials

Please send all required application materials (in PDF version) to csxygjjl@ccdgut.edu.cn

Email subject: name + nationality + current residence

Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until positions are filled.