2022年 8月 27日

Job Description

Job Description:
1. Be responsible for the daily teaching of humanity courses (20-24 hours a week);

2. Build teaching plans and cooperate with other faculty to develop teaching projects;

3. Serve as a mentor to students, communicate timely with mentors of other subjects and with parents as needed;

4. Organize course-related club and extracurricular activities;

5. Be responsible for other operational work, such as library duty, after-class evening duty, weekend duty and playground duty;

6. Attend teacher training, Open Course competitions and research feedback sessions;

7. Complete work assigned by supervisors


Job Requirements:

1. Master’s degree or higher; bachelor’s degree in a humanity field;

2. A minimum of 3 years of teaching experience in humanity fields;

3. The ability to research and develop an academic curriculum that helps students build a foundation for developing macro humanity and historic views;

4. Technological competence to facilitate teaching needs;

5. The ability to provide rich and high-quality extracurricular activities;

6. Teaching certificate and supporting documents;

7. International and bilingual teaching experience preferred;

8. Knowledge in music preferred.



1. 负责科人文学科的日常授课工作(每周20-24课时);

2. 制定课程规划,协作开发学校的教学项目;

3. 担任多名学生的导师,针对学生情况及时反馈给各学科教师,与家长及时沟通学生在校学习情况;

4. 组织课外活动,并组建本学科社团活动;

5. 承担学校运行的相关工作(如图书馆值班、晚自习值班、周末值班、运动场值班等);

6. 参加学校组织的各种教师培训、公开课竞赛、教研反馈等学科活动;

7. 完成领导安排的工作。



1. 硕士学历及以上,在其授课领域内(历史、地理等)拥有本科学历;

2. 三年上科学学科(历史/地理)全科教学经验;

3. 具备教研能力,能够在教育领域内引领或促进课程的发展, 通过课程设置帮助学生初步建立宏观人文观、历史观;

4. 掌握与教学相关的科技手段;

5. 完整、真实的教师资格证及其相关证明材料;

6. 能够提供丰富多彩的、高质量的课外活动;

7. 国际教学经验及中英双语沉浸式的教学经验者优先;

8. 具备音乐基础知识者优先。

Central Conservatory Preparatory School (CCPS), located in the Dongcheng district right at the heart of Beijing, is a professional music high school connecting musicians’ dreams with world stages. We greatly emphasize the balance and integration between music applied areas and the academic curriculum to help students acquire professional development, self-discovery, an international vision, and cultural traditions, for them to develop into young artists with wisdom, charisma and versatility.


Our program includes grades 10 – 12, as well as preparatory courses for students of age 13 – 15. Our esteemed and experienced faculty and staff from around the globe help students build a solid foundation for their pursuit of higher education and career development. Our music program is professionally designed to meet and exceed the entrance requirements of university-level music institutions worldwide. Our academic curriculum includes English courses tailoring to the students’ need for their future plans, Chinese and integrated humanity courses that help the students explore language, literature, culture, art, history, geography, and their identities, and mathematics and science courses to help develop logic and practical abilities. We value the accumulation of knowledge and the integration between various disciplines, and aim to help students establish a knowledge system that enables them to think critically and study proactively.


CCPS respects the individuality of each student, motivates students by honing interests and passion, and furnishes them with the ability to apply knowledge and to learn proactively. With our world-class faculty roster, a strictly controlled small faculty-student ratio, and a comfortable and safe learning environment, we create an open, disciplined and vibrant learning atmosphere. We provide college counseling for each student, and our graduates continue their education in top music schools, liberal art colleges and comprehensive universities worldwide.


Central Conservatory Preparatory School (CCPS) looks for faculty and staff with the following qualities:

1. Perseverance and dedication; to seek excellence in quality, not merely to meet quantitative standards;

2. A global vision, a professional academic attitude and an ever-improving spirit;

3. Enthusiasm in education; to care for students and focus on their learning;

4. Flexibility, good moral characters, open-mindedness and respect;

5. Teamwork ability; to contribute to the CCPS culture with fellow colleagues.


In turn, CCPS will offer you:

Trust and Respect
We value trust, respect and open communication in building a comfortable, friendly and harmonious work environment.

Competitive Compensation
We provide a competitive compensation and benefits package among our peers: seven insurances and a housing fund for qualified employees (supplement Medical Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance), nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch and holiday gifts, a complete salary management system including paid overtime, and free music education for you and your children after one year of employment.

Career Development Opportunities
We support employees in achieving their personal development goals. At CCPS, you will get to know world-class musicians and enhance all-round capabilities through working with experienced colleagues, as well as personal development courses that we offer.










1. 拥有上下求索的努力与执着精神,拒绝亦步亦趋的达标

2. 具备国际视野,拥有严谨的治学态度和精益求精的教学理念

3. 热爱教学事业,能够关爱、呵护学生,以学生的学习为中心

4. 适应能力强,品德良好,心胸开放,是一个尊重他人的倾听者

5. 具有团队协作意识,愿意与同事共同营造积极向上的校园文化