School Deans for Zhongfa Aviation University

2022年 3月 29日

Job Description

Zhongfa Aviation University (ZFAU) seeks exceptional candidates for the positions of Dean of School of Civil Aviation, Dean of School of Aerospace, Dean of School of Informatics, Dean of School of Engineering, and Dean of School of Science.



Zhongfa Aviation University, fully funded by Zhejiang Province and the city of Hangzhou, is jointly established by Beihang University and Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC). The university is dedicated to multidisciplinary and innovation-oriented education as well as cutting-edge and core technology research. With the goal of becoming a world-class research university, ZFAU will stay committed to establishing a new international university model that is modern and forward-thinking. The campus of ZFAU is situated adjacent to Liangzhu Ancient City, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. The picturesque campus is expected to be completed by 2023 and will provide the most conducive environment for students and staff to live and work. In the present preparatory stage, the university operates from an interim campus in the northwest of Hangzhou.



Successful candidates will join the university on a full-time contract to serve as effective leaders in the following respects:

(a) Establishment of the school in alignment with the vision, mission, and strategic plans of the university.

(b) High-quality education, scientific research, and faculty recruitment of the school.

(c) Other work related to the development of the school.



Successful candidates are expected to have:

(a) Strong work ethic and professionalism.

(b) An international vision, an innovative mindset, and dedication to the development of the school.

(c) Excellent leadership and international networking skills, preferably with leadership experience at a senior level at world-leading universities or research institutions.

(d) Distinguished reputations as leading figures in the fields related to the relevant schools, and strong track records of performance in teaching, research, and professional services in world-leading universities or research institutions.



(a) Sufficient resources matching the needs of the school’s development.

(b) Internationally competitive salary and fringe benefits.

(c) State-of-the-art research platforms, generous research funds, ample laboratory space and excellent office environment.

(d) Housing subsidies or rent-free apartments.

(e) Access to high-quality nursery/primary education for children.



Please send a personal CV and a cover letter to The email subject should include the name of the candidate and that of the intended school.

Contact Person: Ms. Xu

Tel: +86 (0)571 89308159

Address: Building 12 (Talent Hub), Xixi Octagon City, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China

For more information, please follow our Wechat official account (Wechat ID: ZFAU_HZ)