2022年 8月 20日

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About Us

Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) is a full time regular undergraduate university run by the State. Located in Shapingba District, Chongqing, the fourth largest city in China, it aims to cultivate high quality foreign language professionals and professionals in foreign-related fields. It is the most important research center of foreign languages and cultures, foreign trade and business, and international relations in Southwest China.
We recruit foreign teachers all year around. We warmly welcome you to join us, and would appreciate much if you could recommend some teachers to our university.


联系人:国际合作与交流处 罗老师

E-mail: faosisu@sisu.edu.cn, luoyaowei@sisu.edu.cn
Website: www.sisu.edu.cn, wsc.sisu.edu.cn
Tel: 86-23-6515-7629, Fax: 86-23-6538-5875
Campus address: No. 33 Zhuangzhilu Rd, Lieshimu, Shapingba,Chongqing, P. R. of China
Contact: Ms. Luo, International Office

Position Information

Language Teacher

Job Description

  • 我校现有:英语、法语、德语、俄语、日语、西班牙语、意大利语、葡萄牙语、罗马尼亚语、捷克语、匈牙利语、乌克兰语、波兰语、阿拉伯语、朝鲜语、泰语、越南语、希伯来语、土耳其语、马来语、缅甸语、印地语共二十二个语种专业。
  • 所授课程包括上述语种专业的语言类课程:口语、阅读、写作、语言学、文学、跨文化交际等。
  • 同时还需要完成所在学院交办的其他与教学科研相关的工作。
  • 每周工作量14课时左右(1课时45分钟),超工作量将支付额外的工资。
  • Now we have 22 language programs including English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Turkish, Myanmar Language, and Hindi.
  • Foreign teachers are wanted to teach the above language classes including Speaking, Reading, Writing, Linguistics, Literature, Cross-culture Communication, etc.
  • Occasional tasks related to teaching and scientific research assigned by the secondary college.
  • Weekly workload: around 14 periods (45 mins for each period), and additional wages will be paid for extra workload.


  • 教授母语国语言
  • 本科及以上学历,研究生学历优先
  • 取得教师资格证或两年及以上相关专业全职教学经验
  • 专业,有责任心,善于团队协作
  • Native speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree and above preferred
  • Teaching certificate or at least 2 years of relevant full-time teaching experience
  • Professional, responsible and cooperative

Non-language Programs Teacher

Job Description

  • 我校设有国际政治、外交学、教育学、电子商务、财务管理、金融学、国际经济与贸易、新闻传播学、国际传播、社会学、法学等专业课程,需要以上相关专业的外籍教师。
  • We also recruit foreign teachers for non-language programs such as International Politics, Diplomatic Studies, Pedagogy, E-commerce, Financial Management, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Journalism and Communication, International Communication, Sociology, Law and etc.


  • 具备相关专业学术背景
  • 英文授课
  • 博士学位
  • 教师资格证或两年及上相关专业全职教学经验
  • 专业,有责任心,善于团队协作
  • Relevant academic background
  • Teach in English
  • Doctoral degree required
  • Teaching certificate or at least 2 years of relevant full-time teaching experience
  • Professional, responsible and cooperative

二、福利待遇/Salary and Benefits

Monthly salary varies from RMB6,000yuan to RMB12,000yuan (before tax), pay by the employment contract.

2.年度绩效考核奖励/Bonus for Annual Performance Assessment
Additional bonus will be given according to the annual performance assessment of the completion of one year contract.

3.餐补/Meal Bonus
Meal bonus paid by month.

4.机票报销/Travel Expense
The Air ticket covering the most direct route (or lowest price ticket) from your home country to Chongqing for arrival shall be reimbursed at the beginning of the contract. When you complete one academic year of service for SISU, we shall reimburse you one-way international air ticket covering the most direct route (or lowest price ticket) from Chongqing to your home country. Reimbursement for actual expenses.

5.免费住宿/Free Accommodation
A free apartment equipped with necessary living facilities on campus, including certain quota of water, electricity, gas free for use and free Internet access etc.

6.医疗保险/Health Care
SISU purchases medical insurance covering mainland China for every foreign teacher. And each semester, we provide additional RMB500 yuan of outpatient medical expenses, which can be reimbursed with official invoices from public hospitals. We don’t provide medical expenses and insurance for foreign teachers outside mainland China, so you are required to purchase medical insurance covering overseas before entering China.

7.语言培训/ Language Training
Free Chinese language training classes will be set up regularly.

三、其他条件/Other Conditions

1.合作教师/ Co-teacher
There will be one Chinese co-teacher who can speak your mother language in the department you work for, helping with necessary life and work.

2.节日慰问礼品/ Festival Gifts
We will prepare gifts for each foreign teacher in traditional Chinese Festivals.

Cultural and social activities will be organized regularly to enrich you daily life.


One of SISU’s most acclaimed features is its beautiful campus at the foot of Gele Mountain by the Jialing River. Its avenues and streets are lined with evergreen trees, so that its campus imperceptibly blends in with tree-covered rolling hills above it. Its facilities have been designed to complement the natural beauty of its serene environment, and it is in many respects an ecological miniature of the mountainous city where it is situated.

5.先进的教学娱乐设施/Facilities and Equipment

SISU has classrooms with multimedia facilities and sound labs for foreign language teaching, translation and oral interpretation – the best in southwest China. Advanced teaching facilities have helped to ensure that the highest quality teaching, academic research and management occurs at SISU.

6.生活交通便捷/ Convenient Transportation

Chongqing, where the university is located, is one of the important central cities in China, the economic center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the important modern manufacturing base of the country, and the comprehensive transportation hub of southwest China. It covers a total area of 82,400 square kilometers and has a permanent population of over 30 million. It has Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and 3 Railway stations, plus the city bus, subway and etc.
SISU is located in Shapingba district, with a bus stop at the school gate. It is only 10-minute walk to the subway station, a 15-minute drive or 2 stops by metro to the nearest commercial circle. There are supermarkets, banks, restaurants and etc. in the neighbourhood, it’s very convenient to live and teach in SISU.



  • 护照扫描件
  • 学位证书
  • 两封推荐信或工作资历证明
  • 体检证明
  • 无犯罪记录证明

The contract normally covers one academic year. Please attach your resume with the cover letter.
Other materials needed for the work procedure:

  • Scanned passport
  • Copies of credentials
  • Two reference letters or work certificate
  • Physical examination record
  • Non- criminal record