Carlos William Hughes


To Whom It May Concern, I have seen your job vacancy for an English teacher and I am interested in applying for the position. I have a BA and an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and I am a British citizen and a native speaker of English. I have been teaching university mostly in China but also Saudi Arabia and South Korea, my current job is online for a Chinese University and I would like to return to China for the next semester. I stayed in China throughout the pandemic and only left China last June to return to the UK as my mother passed away. I have included photos, my degrees and a CV, I hope to hear from you soon and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Have a great day. Many Regards, Carlos Hughes


BA (Hons) Language Studies and TEFL , University of Wales, Swansea, 2003-2007
MA TEFL, Swansea University, 2012 – 2014


1993- 97: Cheerleaders Bar, Deansgate, England (Chef)
1998 – 2003: Sainsbury’s Warehouse, Haydock, England (Line Manager)
2007 – 08: ETBT School, Changwon, South Korea (EFL Teacher)
2008: Ardmore Summer School, Preston, England (EFL Teacher)
2008 – 09: GEPIK Programme, South Korea (EFL Teacher)
2009 – 10: Huyau College, Henan University of Agriculture, China (EFL Teacher)
2010 – 11: Anyang Institute of Technology, Anyang, China (EFL Teacher)
2011- 12: Najran University, Najran, Saudi Arabia (EFL Teacher)
2013-15 : Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic, Al Khafji, Saudi Arabia (EFL Teacher)
2016-2018: Shangqiu Normal University, Shangqiu, China (EFL Teacher)
2019 -2020 :  Mianyang Teachers College, Mianyang, China  (EFL Teacher)
2020-2023 :  Shangqiu Normal University, Shangqiu, China (EFL Teacher)