Ian Andrew Simpson

收集来源:中介反馈。外教, 总是反反复复,删了学校老师微信,同时接触很多学校,好几次反悔合同、联系不上。感觉要么有病要么精神有问题。建议不聘请。


To Whom It May Concern,
Please consider me for opportunities within your institution; I have attached my curriculum vitae for your consideration.

I am a dedicated English teacher with many years of ESL experience, and the holder of certifications which have helped me cement my years in teaching. I’m creative, imaginative, and resourceful, and I’m also dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.

Over the years, I have endeavoured to develop and expand my teaching skill knowledge, and I have also looked to strengthen my own weaknesses in teaching by using practical experience and discussing teaching methodologies with colleagues.
I approach my work with a disciplined, but flexible attitude. I am able to summon my experiences and teaching skills necessary to impart knowledge with any age, or professional.

I feel that my English teaching skills have a degree of longevity to them, which will continue to evolve and serve learners of any level to help them improve and attain their English proficiency with confidence… I can also say, that my classes/ learners always get my full attention and moral support in, and outside the classroom. I think it’s important for a teacher to use a variety of methods in the classroom, and allow shared interests and enthusiasm for everyone to engage with, and happily enjoy.

I’ve enjoyed and attained a wealth of experience working alongside many co-teachers and employers; sharing ideas, skills, techniques, strategies, hobbies and interests… I think my teaching background has a depth and relativity to it, which I embrace and continue to nurture. Teaching has been an enlightening experience, that continues to appeal, develop and grow with my enthusiasm.

In applying for this teaching position, I would like to revisit areas of my teaching skills and knowledge, and develop something longer-lasting in another location which interests me greatly.

If you feel my experience and skills meet with your requirements, then please contact me at your earliest convenience. References are available upon request.

Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Simpson.


2023-4 MSc Project Management
2014 English UK/ Trinity CertIBET.
2011 CertTESOL NQF Level 5. (Associateship of the College of Teachers (ACOT)).

1994-1997 Lincolnshire & Humberside University, England.

B.A. Honours in Media Production. Upper 2:1
A documentary I produced was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award. I was also Head Student Representative for the Media Department

1994 • Two “A” Levels (Media Studies and Film Studies)
1989 • National Diploma in Exhibition Display and Graphic Design
1987 • National Diploma in Art and Design
1985 • National Diploma in Photography
1984 • Six “O” Levels (Art, English, History, General Studies, Geography and Religion) 1981 • Four CSE’s (Art, English, History and Mathematics)

Additional Employment

2016 Guangdong: Collaborator on manuscript for Business English Textbook publishing.
2014 Qingdao: Conducted Seminars and Lectures for Chinese/ English Teachers: Young learners. 2011 Hiroshima: Co-writer on Mastering TOEIC (every-e.com) for Japanese students.
1999 Liverpool: Production Manager for Liverpool Theatre Festival
1998 Edinburgh: Stage Manager for Theatre Company, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
1997 Liverpool: Assistant to the Producer at Live TV cable station, Liverpool
1996-1999 New York: Camp America Programme, New York.


English Teaching

Curriculum Vitae Ian Simpson (UK)

September 2018 – July 2022: Taiyuan University of Technology

Teaching Freshmen students. Focusing on listening, but helping students build up understanding, and use of English with vocabulary and comprehension in support. Alongside Business English, Creative Writing… and other supplementary developed activities covering speaking/ writing skills, the materials are/ were designed for practise, review and broadening the learning processes.

September 2018- July 2019: Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Languages School. Shanghai, China.

Focus on teaching High School Students communicative oral English conversation and Business English/ Media studies. Using the school’s syllabus alongside own developed activities/ materials.

April 2017- June 2018: Web (Webi) International English. Shanghai, China.

Teaching low, mid-high intermediate/ advanced, and University levels conversational English. Also teaching Business English to professionals using institute’s syllabus and my own materials.

March 2016 – January 2017: Guangdong Peizheng College.

Teaching Freshmen and Sophomore students. Using the college’s syllabus supplemented with own materials and activities. Emphasis on oral speaking with guided walkthroughs and tasks on Listening, Reading and Writing. Also, IELTS Teaching (Speaking) for those preparing for, and sitting examination tests.

June 2015 – December 2015: Asylum Link Centre. Liverpool. UK

Providing English lessons for Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Teaching non-literate, and professionals. Assessed the needs of each individual at programme entry, and throughout the resettlement process.

April 2014 – April 2015: Amio International Language Center. Qingdao, China.

Teaching primarily, mid-high Intermediate levels, University students, and some Business English to Professionals using the institute’s syllabus supplemented with my own lesson plans and materials. Formulated and implemented lessons and practice exercises in reading, speaking and writing for IELTS students. Conducted Teacher Training lectures and seminars for Chinese English Teachers, and also outsourced English classes to Primary and Middle schools throughout the city.

August 2012 – July 2013: Taiwan Businessmen’s Dongguan School. Dongguan city, China.

Teaching Primary Grades 2-6, Middle-High School Students, of varying grades.
Formulated and implemented school syllabus with chosen school textbooks. Other duties included preparing and conducting regular test assessments for TOEFL, and writing reports at the end of each term. Activities included the preparation and productions of dramas, speech contests and preparing students for TOFEL tests.

August 2011 – July 2012: Sangha Elementary & Middle Schools. Sangha, South Korea.

Teaching Elementary and Middle School students. (GEPIK Programme)
Prepared lesson plans and implemented school syllabus. Preparation for external examinations.

May 2010 – May 2011: Bae-Young Middle/High School. Jeongeup city. South Korea.

Teaching Middle School Students. (GEPIK Programme)
Prepared and implemented lesson plans with contributed towards the school syllabus and entrance examinations.

April 2008 – November 2009: Yonsei ELP English Education Center. Wonju city, South Korea

Teaching Grades 2-9, and Adults (inc. University students), and Business English.
Duties included writing reports, making, marking and conducting tests for TOEFL students, organising schedules and lesson plans, choosing and discussing book syllabus, and chairing school meetings/discussions in relation to the welfare of the education centre.

January 2005 – January 2007: English Quest Ltd. Hiroshima, Japan.

Teaching Elementary, Junior-High, High School Students and Adults (inc. University students), and Business English/ Mazda Factory. Successes include helping students prepare for state run examinations and pass their English Proficiency Step Tests/ TOEFL… I also had a managerial role at the school, which included interviewing potential teachers, speaking with parents and conducting demonstration classes.

January 2004 – December 2004: Kid Castle Educational Institute. Pingzhen city, Taiwan.

An ESL teaching position at two large institutes, which involved teaching grammar, reading, writing and conversational English skills, primarily to Elementary and Middle school-aged children.

June 2001 – December 2003: REI American English Language School. Suwon, South Korea.

Teaching Elementary, Middle-High School, University and Adults improve their spoken and written English. In my role I also chaired weekly meetings and helped to formulate and implement syllabus/ TOEFL, and write end of term reports.